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Originating in the Northwestern United States, the loyal Pixiebob is one of the more muscular, brawny cat breeds that resembles the wild Coastal Red Bobcat found  in the coastal mountains of the area. It is one of the few breeds that accepts polydactyls (cats with extra toes) and comes in two coat lengths. These intelligent cats replicate the look of the wild bobcat but have the  loving personality of the domestic cat. All our Pixie bobs and cats for sale are registered with TICA.



Chausies originated in Egypt and have the appearance of small pumas or a lioness. Sleek, large, intelligent cats that are one of our favorite cat breeds that 100% domesticated but retain an exotic appearance. The breed was recognized by TICA in 1995. Their wild ancestry comes from the Jungle cat, a unique wild cat found mainly in the middle east. Our cats for sale can be found on our available kittens section.

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Welcome to Emerald Exotics Cattery! Our Cats are raised as part of our family, where they receive lots of love and attention, are free to roam around our home as well as a completely safe backyard enclosure. We are cage free cattery. We have dogs, cats, and run a typical busy household. All of our kittens and cats for sale become part of our family and are well socialized before they leave for their new homes. 

Our breeding cats are all tested and vaccinated against standard diseases and risk factors or genetic carriers. We don't do cat shows but support our fellow breeders in the cat ring (it's just not for us) - in fact some of our cats come from championship lines (and for those who have shared them with us we are grateful!) and we fully support the TICA standards for cat breeds such as pixiebobs, chausies, bengals and other registries as well. We believe in breeding healthy, happy, loving cats that will make ideal pet companions! We welcome visits to our cattery by appointment only.

Our cattery is registered with TICA and CFA and our kittens are registered based on breed standards.

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Care & Feeding

We feed and recommend feeding a raw diet and our friends at Simply Rawsome have made it easy to get 100% of your kittens dietary needs. Get in touch with them to find out more and tell them we sent you!

Military Discount


Thank you for your service!

We appreciate your contribution to our country! We are a retired USAF military family so we know the toll military life and sacrifice can take. We'd love to support our active duty troops and veterans by offering a military discount. Just ask!

About us: 20 year retired Lt. Col with USAF - pilot of C-17, C-141s - currently we are still in the airline industry in the Pacific Northwest!

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Why airplanes?

You may not have noticed, but we here at Emerald Exotics have a thing for aviation. Each of our foundation cats is named for an airplane, military or aerospace. terminology or unit. Not only is it a fun theme for our family to always be on the lookout for the next great airplane name, it was the only way my family would let me convert our dining room into a cattery!

Check out the great airplanes behind each of our cats.

Dakota C-47 Skytrain ("Dakota")


The  C-47, also called Dakota or Skytrain, U.S. military transport aircraft  served in all theatres during World War II and continued in  service long afterward. It was used to haul cargo, transport troops,  drop paratroops, tow gliders, and as a "flying ambulance."

Piper J-3 Cub ("Piper")


The Piper J-3 Cub is an American airplane that was built between 1937 and 1947 by Piper Aircraft.  It was produced  in large numbers during World War II as the L-4 Grasshopper. Many Cubs are still flying today. 

PBY-5 Catalina ("Catalina")


 One of the most recognized aircraft in the world, the Consolidated PBY  Catalina not only served in the U.S. Navy, but also with the air arms of  Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands and the Soviet  Union. The PBY was involved in almost every major operation in World  War II, and figured significantly in defeating the U-boat menace in the  Atlantic. 

Convair C-131 Samaritan ("Sammy")


The C-131 Samaritan was an American twin-engined military transport produced from 1954 to 1956 by Convair. It was primarily used by the USAF  for aeromedical casualty evacuation. The C-131A had large loading doors  for stretchers or cargo and was equipped to accommodate 27 stretchers or  37 sitting casualties.  

Vashon Ranger R7 ("Ranger ")


 The Vashon Ranger R7 is the first aircraft designed to fill the gap between aging, under-equipped certificated aircraft and newer but expensive Light Sport Aircraft. The Ranger is a 2-place aircraft that features rugged, full metal construction to take real world usage like flight training. 

Martin "XB-26E" Marauder "Gypsy Rose" ("Rosie")


Somewhat whimsically, the stripped-down aircraft was named Gypsy Rose, after the well-known stripper of the day, Gypsy Rose Lee. As part of the program, the dorsal turret was moved forward and mounted over the radio operator's compartment. This resulted in an improved field of fire, and the relocation actually improved the flight characteristics. The plane was tested at Wright Field in March of 1943.