Our exotic Cats: Kings & Queens



Meet Doktari Dokata our pixiebob stud. Dakota is TICA registered from a long line of champion and foundation exotic cats including Supreme Grand Champion James River Galdriel of Doktari (his mom!). He's non-polydactyl, natural short hock tail, wonderful 'bobcat' eyes to TICA standards. He's fantastic and represents the best of the best when it comes to pixiebob cat breeds! Dakota's first litter of TICA registered kittens for sale is here! Currently taking applications.



This beautiful TICA registered F2 Chausie is one of the most beautiful and well tempered exotic cats from one of the best catteries in Europe. Chausies are in short supply in the U.S. and we hope to contribute new blood to this breed by working with the International breeding community to find the best attributes and pairings. Chausies are one of the cat breeds that has slowly been disappearing so we hope to continue this wonderful line.



Ranger is a TICA registered F4 Chausie from one of the best breeders of exotic cats and original Chausie lines in the U.S. We can't wait to see his kittens!

His temperment is 100% chausie! Loyal, loving, social - an absolute gem. 



We love all cat breeds but pixiebobs have a special spot in our hearts when it comes to exotic cats! Rosie is a stunning TICA registered pixiebob. This little princess is sure to be a showstopper and we think her kittens with Dakota will be incredible. She is polydactyl, beautiful lynx tips and ear tufts, spotted and show length tail (natural short tail). To inquire about kittens for sale please message us or look on our Facebook page for current news!

Taking deposits for her litter, due sometime in early 2020. 

Buffy & Willow


TICA Registered Chausie f2 females from the same line as our beloved Sammy (granddaughter of Greg the jungle cat!). She will be paired with Ranger in spring 2020.



TICA Registered F1 Chausie female from a new bloodline that encompasses some of the best genetics in Europe. Puma's litter is due 18 Sep 2019. Accepting deposits to be added to our wait list.